Those lovely long and silky ears look fabulous when they are clean, dry and combed


But when they eat their dinner, go out in the rain, that all changes


The ears can become very knotted and matted


The photo to the right is of Show Champion Meadowdale Banjo, showing his lovely clean long ears, free of leaves, twigs and his dinner!!!


This is where the humble 'snood' comes in handy for everyday use


Also on show day, to keep the ears looking lovely.


I am offering a wide selection of snoods, from everyday cotton snoods, silk show day snoods and winter waterproof ones


If you have any specific requirements, colours or size, just ask and I will see what I can do


To place an order for a 'Snood', please contact me either at a show or via this website


BELOW, shows various snoods being modelled - many styes available


Also a small selection of fabric avialable for snoods.  These are very light weight summer snoods made of 100% cotton to keep the ears clean but not get hot



Glamour Dog Coats

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